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Fitventures Gym



As your Certified Personal Trainer, I will challenge and motivate you to become a healthier, happier you. My goal is that you leave every session feeling stronger, both physically and mentally.


Each session is an hour long and will include your personalized killer workout, warm-up, burnout, and stretch skillfully designed to help you reach your goals. 

Expect high energy, lit music, and a good time.

All ages and fitness levels are welcome! 

Grab your gang, and let's have some sweaty fun. Whether you're looking to build your booty or gain strength in your upper body, I got you.

Each session will be personalized to your group goals and includes your warm-up, workout, burnout, and feel-good stretch. 

Expect high energy, lit music, and a good time.


Ready to take your workouts to the next level?!

Book by session, or ask about my training packages.

✓ See my availability for the week

✓ Book a day / time that is convenient for you

✓ Plan ahead and hold yourself accountable

✓ Invest in your health and in a coach that cares about you

✓ See results from doing workouts you enjoy

✓ Train safely and effectively 

For additional questions or inquiries

please email


Marina Santos, 24

My favorite part of the week is

going to train with Elyse! I go with my three best friends and we train as a group. There's nothing better than motivating your friends to look and feel their best while they do

the same for you.

Its only been a couple of months and I feel stronger than ever both mentally and physically. On top of that, Elyse is so positive, so fun, and tailors the workouts to exactly what we want. Extremely happy with my decision to train with her.


Imari Pozo, 35

Workouts with Elyse are amazing!

She manages to challenge me while keeping it fun, the time goes by so fast and I'm always sore the next day! She taught me "mind to muscle connection."


I've been working out for 17 years and could never properly squeeze my glutes until Elyse! I really see a difference in my body with her workouts.


Victoria Amaro, 25

Fitventures has changed my

life in so many positive ways.

My relationship with exercise, my body and food has done a full 360.


I love how Elyse changes the workouts and exercises every time and always have me trying out new things. My mentality has changed so much, “STRONG IS SEXY.” I've not only seen physical improvements but also with my mental health and making sure to listen to my body and take time for myself.

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