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Eli Muller, 45

45 & fitness has always been a huge part of my life..Elyse you’re a firecracker.. Your self love is radiating. I look forward to your live workouts every week & work twice as hard thanks to your motivating energy.. You inspire me to be the best version of me & I love it! Can’t wait to continue following you on this journey!

Nicole Rojo, 22

I’ve really appreciated how you shared your body insecurities and experience with an eating disorder. It takes guts and a lot of working on yourself to get there so it shows how much strength I can find in myself as your follower. Also, I love how you share all the different foods you eat (healthy/unhealthy) - it reminds me that we’re all normal and can indulge after working our butts off (and even if we just want to, regardless of if we worked out or not).

Pamela Torres- 19

Personally I love all the HIIT workouts because I love the intensity, but she makes them so fun and really look forward to them! I’ve been following since day 1 and can say that her content has been super uplifting, real, and genuine which I think is super important! She always reminds her audience to push themselves both physically and mentally, & enjoy life while working on our best selves!

Celynne Alvarez, 27

Fitventures has really pushed me to work out on a daily basis. By following her journey, I am more motivated to work out even if it’s just for 15 minutes. I think that is the thing that has changed the most for me. My life is so busy and sometimes if i didn’t have time for an hour workout I would not workout that day.


However, now with Fitventures, i have access to so many videos and workouts and I am still motivated to workout for just 15 minutes.

Christina Iturrioz, 22

I love that your workouts target many areas, and are EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE; while all the more NOT being extremely DIFFICULT workouts. Even as simple as you have made working out, you strive to be inclusive. You provide modifications, and ACTUALLY CONSIDER feedback: Which is hard to find in the fitness world. 


but truly on top of all of that, your personality literally RADIATES onto your page and onto all of your followers. You have such a positive impact on those around you.

Gabriella Garcia-Hadeed, 17

I’m very spiritual so whenever you talk about mental health and anything that pertains to spirituality makes me motivated to reach my goals because you’ve shown me that an average person can reach them, your story is very relatable and real which i also respect a lot and if i’m feeling lazy and you post something on your ig story it will immediately inspire me to get up and get my daily sweat in or write in my journal ect.

Maria Fernandez, 35

Fitventures has helped me understand that it’s a process and a lifestyle. It’s helped me understand that fitness is a way of life rather than focusing on the scale. 


What I love most is the availability of working out when my kids allow me to. Knowing I can always see the recorded video is huge!

Alyssa Pino, 22

I could not have gone through quarantine without Elyse’s workouts! Her videos make it easy for anyone at any level to follow along with no excuses. Totally changed my workout way of thinking!

Cecily Alvarez, 25

You’re very clear about what will be in the workout and what equipment you may need. Your workouts can also be made easier if the person doesn’t want to use weights for example. I can also do your workouts literally anywhere!! I love the time it takes to workout with you! Some are quick 10min booty, others are 45min kick ass

Alejandra Jolie, 20

What I love the most about Elyse’s workouts is how strong they make me feel not just physically but also mentally.


Nowadays there’s plenty of trainers that share workouts (although her lives are my absolute favorite) but what distinguishes Elyse’s content is how transparent and motivating she is. She shares her previous struggles with you to show you that everyone starts somewhere, her rest days so you know it’s ok to let yourself recover, her healthy recipes so you feel inspired, but also her treats so that you don’t forget it’s about balance and sustainability. She has transformed my workouts, my eating habits, and my outlook on fitness. Not to mention she genuinely cares about her followers and wants to fuel their love for fitness and is so easy to reach out too.

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